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  • Cybercriminals Exploit CrowdStrike Update Mishap to Distribute Remcos RAT Malware July 20, 2024
    Cybersecurity firm CrowdStrike, which is facing the heat for causing worldwide IT disruptions by pushing out a flawed update to Windows devices, is now warning that threat actors are exploiting the situation to distribute Remcos RAT to its customers in Latin America under the guise of a providing a hotfix. The attack chains involve distributing […]
  • 17-Year-Old Linked to Scattered Spider Cybercrime Syndicate Arrested in U.K. July 20, 2024
    Law enforcement officials in the U.K. have arrested a 17-year-old boy from Walsall who is suspected to be a member of the notorious Scattered Spider cybercrime syndicate. The arrest was made "in connection with a global cyber online crime group which has been targeting large organizations with ransomware and gaining access to computer networks," West […]
  • Faulty CrowdStrike Update Crashes Windows Systems, Impacting Businesses Worldwide July 19, 2024
    Businesses across the world have been hit by widespread disruptions to their Windows workstations stemming from a faulty update pushed out by cybersecurity company CrowdStrike. "CrowdStrike is actively working with customers impacted by a defect found in a single content update for Windows hosts," the company's CEO George Kurtz said in a statement. "Mac and […]
  • Two Russian Nationals Plead Guilty in LockBit Ransomware Attacks July 19, 2024
    Two Russian nationals have pleaded guilty in a U.S. court for their participation as affiliates in the LockBit ransomware scheme and helping facilitate ransomware attacks across the world. The defendants include Ruslan Magomedovich Astamirov, 21, of Chechen Republic, and Mikhail Vasiliev, 34, a dual Canadian and Russian national of Bradford, Ontario. Astamirov was arrested in […]
  • Safeguard Personal and Corporate Identities with Identity Intelligence July 19, 2024
    Learn about critical threats that can impact your organization and the bad actors behind them from Cybersixgill’s threat experts. Each story shines a light on underground activities, the threat actors involved, and why you should care, along with what you can do to mitigate risk.  In the current cyber threat landscape, the protection of personal […]
  • Pro-Houthi Group Targets Yemen Aid Organizations with Android Spyware July 19, 2024
    A suspected pro-Houthi threat group targeted at least three humanitarian organizations in Yemen with Android spyware designed to harvest sensitive information. These attacks, attributed to an activity cluster codenamed OilAlpha, entail a new set of malicious mobile apps that come with their own supporting infrastructure, Recorded Future's Insikt Group said. Targets of the ongoing campaign
  • APT41 Infiltrates Networks in Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Turkey, and the U.K. July 19, 2024
    Several organizations operating within global shipping and logistics, media and entertainment, technology, and automotive sectors in Italy, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and the U.K. have become the target of a "sustained campaign" by the prolific China-based APT41 hacking group. "APT41 successfully infiltrated and maintained prolonged, unauthorized access to numerous victims' networks since
  • Summary of "AI Leaders Spill Their Secrets" Webinar July 19, 2024
    Event Overview The "AI Leaders Spill Their Secrets" webinar, hosted by Sigma Computing, featured prominent AI experts sharing their experiences and strategies for success in the AI industry. The panel included Michael Ward from Sardine, Damon Bryan from Hyperfinity, and Stephen Hillian from Astronomer, moderated by Zalak Trivedi, Sigma Computing's Product Manager. Key Speakers and […]
  • SolarWinds Patches 8 Critical Flaws in Access Rights Manager Software July 19, 2024
    SolarWinds has addressed a set of critical security flaws impacting its Access Rights Manager (ARM) software that could be exploited to access sensitive information or execute arbitrary code. Of the 13 vulnerabilities, eight are rated Critical in severity and carry a CVSS score of 9.6 out of 10.0. The remaining five weaknesses have been rated […]
  • WazirX Cryptocurrency Exchange Loses $230 Million in Major Security Breach July 19, 2024
    Indian cryptocurrency exchange WazirX has confirmed that it was the target of a security breach that led to the theft of $230 million in cryptocurrency assets. "A cyber attack occurred in one of our [multi-signature] wallets involving a loss of funds exceeding $230 million," the company said in a statement. "This wallet was operated utilizing […]
  • Alert: HotPage Adware Disguised as Ad Blocker Installs Malicious Kernel Driver July 18, 2024
    Cybersecurity researchers have shed light on an adware module that purports to block ads and malicious websites, while stealthily offloading a kernel driver component that grants attackers the ability to run arbitrary code with elevated permissions on Windows hosts. The malware, dubbed HotPage, gets its name from the eponymous installer ("HotPage.exe"), according to new findings […]
  • AppSec Webinar: How to Turn Developers into Security Champions July 18, 2024
    Let's face it: AppSec and developers often feel like they're on opposing teams. You're battling endless vulnerabilities while they just want to ship code. Sound familiar? It's a common challenge, but there is a solution. Ever wish they proactively cared about security? The answer lies in a proven, but often overlooked, strategy: Security Champion Programs […]
  • Automated Threats Pose Increasing Risk to the Travel Industry July 18, 2024
    As the travel industry rebounds post-pandemic, it is increasingly targeted by automated threats, with the sector experiencing nearly 21% of all bot attack requests last year. That’s according to research from Imperva, a Thales company. In their 2024 Bad Bot Report, Imperva finds that bad bots accounted for 44.5% of the industry’s web traffic in […]
  • SAP AI Core Vulnerabilities Expose Customer Data to Cyber Attacks July 18, 2024
    Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered security shortcomings in SAP AI Core cloud-based platform for creating and deploying predictive artificial intelligence (AI) workflows that could be exploited to get hold of access tokens and customer data. The five vulnerabilities have been collectively dubbed SAPwned by cloud security firm Wiz. "The vulnerabilities we found could have allowed attackers
  • TAG-100: New Threat Actor Uses Open-Source Tools for Widespread Attacks July 18, 2024
    Unknown threat actors have been observed leveraging open-source tools as part of a suspected cyber espionage campaign targeting global government and private sector organizations. Recorded Future's Insikt Group is tracking the activity under the temporary moniker TAG-100, noting that the adversary likely compromised organizations in at least ten countries across Africa, Asia, North America,
  • Meta Halts AI Use in Brazil Following Data Protection Authority's Ban July 18, 2024
    Meta has suspended the use of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) in Brazil after the country's data protection authority issued a preliminary ban objecting to its new privacy policy. The development was first reported by news agency Reuters. The company said it has decided to suspend the tools while it is in talks with Brazil's National […]
  • Cisco Warns of Critical Flaw Affecting On-Prem Smart Software Manager July 18, 2024
    Cisco has released patches to address a maximum-severity security flaw impacting Smart Software Manager On-Prem (Cisco SSM On-Prem) that could enable a remote, unauthenticated attacker to change the password of any users, including those belonging to administrative users. The vulnerability, tracked as CVE-2024-20419, carries a CVSS score of 10.0. "This vulnerability is due to improper
  • North Korean Hackers Update BeaverTail Malware to Target MacOS Users July 17, 2024
    Cybersecurity researchers have discovered an updated variant of a known stealer malware that attackers affiliated with the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) have delivered as part of prior cyber espionage campaigns targeting job seekers. The artifact in question is an Apple macOS disk image (DMG) file named "MiroTalk.dmg" that mimics the legitimate video call […]
  • Navigating Insider Risks: Are your Employees Enabling External Threats? July 17, 2024
    Attacks on your network are often meticulously planned operations launched by sophisticated threats. Sometimes your technical fortifications provide a formidable challenge, and the attack requires assistance from the inside to succeed. For example, in 2022, the FBI issued a warning1 that SIM swap attacks are growing: gain control of the phone and earn a gateway […]
  • FIN7 Group Advertises Security-Bypassing Tool on Dark Web Forums July 17, 2024
    The financially motivated threat actor known as FIN7 has been observed using multiple pseudonyms across several underground forums to likely advertise a security dodging tool known to be used by ransomware groups like AvosLocker, Black Basta, BlackCat, LockBit, and Trigona. "AvNeutralizer (aka AuKill), a highly specialized tool developed by FIN7 to tamper with security solutions, […]