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  • Facebook Will Limit Your WhatsApp Features For Not Accepting Privacy Policy May 8, 2021
    WhatsApp on Friday disclosed that it won't deactivate accounts of users who don't accept its new privacy policy rolling out on May 15, adding it will continue to keep reminding them to accept the new terms. "No one will have their accounts deleted or lose functionality of WhatsApp on May 15 because of this update," the Facebook-owned […]
  • New Pingback Malware Using ICMP Tunneling to Evade C&C Detection May 8, 2021
    Researchers on Tuesday disclosed a novel malware that uses a variety of tricks to stay under the radar and evade detection, while stealthily capable of executing arbitrary commands on infected systems. Called 'Pingback,' the Windows malware leverages Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) tunneling for covert bot communications, allowing the adversary to utilize ICMP packets to […]
  • Top 12 Security Flaws Russian Spy Hackers Are Exploiting in the Wild May 8, 2021
    Cyber operatives affiliated with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) have switched up their tactics in response to previous public disclosures of their attack methods, according to a new advisory jointly published by intelligence agencies from the U.K. and U.S. Friday. "SVR cyber operators appear to have reacted [...] by changing their TTPs in an attempt to […]
  • ALERT — New 21Nails Exim Bugs Expose Millions of Email Servers to Hacking May 8, 2021
    The maintainers of Exim have released patches to remediate as many as 21 security vulnerabilities in its software that could enable unauthenticated attackers to achieve complete remote code execution and gain root privileges. Collectively named '21Nails,' the flaws include 11 vulnerabilities that require local access to the server and 10 other weaknesses that could be exploited remotely. The
  • New Qualcomm Chip Bug Could Let Hackers Spy On Android Devices May 8, 2021
    Cybersecurity researchers have disclosed a new security vulnerability in Qualcomm's mobile station modems (MSM) that could potentially allow an attacker to leverage the underlying Android operating system to slip malicious code into mobile phones, undetected. "If exploited, the vulnerability would have allowed an attacker to use Android OS itself as an entry point to inject […]
  • New TsuNAME Flaw Could Let Attackers Take Down Authoritative DNS Servers May 8, 2021
    Security researchers Thursday disclosed a new critical vulnerability affecting Domain Name System (DNS) resolvers that could be exploited by adversaries to carry out reflection-based denial-of-service attacks against authoritative nameservers. The flaw, called 'TsuNAME,' was discovered by researchers from SIDN Labs and InternetNZ, which manage the national top-level internet domains '.nl' and '.
  • 4 Major Privacy and Security Updates From Google You Should Know About May 8, 2021
    Google has announced a number of user-facing and under-the-hood changes in an attempt to boost privacy and security, including rolling out two-factor authentication automatically to all eligible users and bringing iOS-styled privacy labels to Android app listings. "Today we ask people who have enrolled in two-step verification (2SV) to confirm it's really them with a simple tap […]
  • 6 Unpatched Flaws Disclosed in Remote Mouse App for Android and iOS May 7, 2021
    As many as six zero-days have been uncovered in an application called Remote Mouse, allowing a remote attacker to achieve full code execution without any user interaction. The unpatched flaws, collectively named 'Mouse Trap,' were disclosed on Wednesday by security researcher Axel Persinger, who said, "It's clear that this application is very vulnerable and puts […]
  • New Stealthy Rootkit Infiltrated Networks of High-Profile Organizations May 7, 2021
    An unknown threat actor with the capabilities to evolve and tailor its toolset to target environments infiltrated high-profile organizations in Asia and Africa with an evasive Windows rootkit since at least 2018. Called 'Moriya,' the malware is a "passive backdoor which allows attackers to inspect all incoming traffic to the infected machine, filter out packets that […]
  • New Spectre Flaws in Intel and AMD CPUs Affect Billions of Computers May 7, 2021
    When Spectre, a class of critical vulnerabilities impacting modern processors, was publicly revealed in January 2018, the researchers behind the discovery said, "As it is not easy to fix, it will haunt us for quite some time," explaining the inspiration behind naming the speculative execution attacks. Indeed, it's been more than three years, and there is no end […]
  • Critical Flaws Hit Cisco SD-WAN vManage and HyperFlex Software May 7, 2021
    Networking equipment major Cisco has rolled out software updates to address multiple critical vulnerabilities impacting HyperFlex HX and SD-WAN vManage Software that could allow an attacker to perform command injection attacks, execute arbitrary code, and gain access to sensitive information. In a series of advisories published on May 5, the company said there are no […]
  • CISO Challenge: Check Your Cybersecurity Skills On This New Competition Site May 6, 2021
    InfoSec leaders tend to be a specific type. Their jobs require them to think of possible threats, take actions that may not pay immediate results, plan for unknown security risks, and react quickly when emergencies arise, often before the morning's first coffee. The high-stakes position also means that CISOs need to keep their knowledge and […]
  • New Study Warns of Security Threats Linked to Recycled Phone Numbers May 6, 2021
    A new academic study has highlighted a number of privacy and security pitfalls associated with recycling mobile phone numbers that could be abused to stage a variety of exploits, including account takeovers, conduct phishing and spam attacks, and even prevent victims from signing up for online services. Nearly 66% of the recycled numbers that were […]
  • BIOS PrivEsc Bugs Affect Hundreds of Millions of Dell PCs Worldwide May 5, 2021
    PC maker Dell has issued an update to fix multiple critical privilege escalation vulnerabilities that went undetected since 2009, potentially allowing attackers to gain kernel-mode privileges and cause a denial-of-service condition. The issues, reported to Dell by researchers from SentinelOne on Dec. 1, 2020, reside in a firmware update driver named "dbutil_2_3.sys" that comes pre-installed […]
  • Apple Releases Urgent Security Patches For Zero‑Day Bugs Under Active Attacks May 5, 2021
    Apple on Monday released security updates for iOS, macOS, and watchOS to address three zero-day flaws and expand patches for a fourth vulnerability that the company said might have been exploited in the wild. The weaknesses all concern WebKit, the browser engine which powers Safari and other third-party web browsers in iOS, allowing an adversary to execute arbitrary code […]
  • Researchers Uncover Iranian State-Sponsored Ransomware Operation May 4, 2021
    Iran has been linked to yet another state-sponsored ransomware operation through a contracting company based in the country, according to new analysis. "Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was operating a state-sponsored ransomware campaign through an Iranian contracting company called 'Emen Net Pasargard' (ENP)," cybersecurity firm Flashpoint said in its findings summarizing three
  • How Should the Service Desk Reset Passwords? May 4, 2021
    Ask the average helpdesk technician what they do all day, and they will probably answer by saying that they reset passwords. Sure, helpdesk technicians do plenty of other things too, but in many organizations, a disproportionate number of helpdesk calls are tied to password resets. On the surface, having a helpdesk technician reset a user’s password probably […]
  • Critical Patch Out for Critical Pulse Secure VPN 0-Day Under Attack May 4, 2021
    Ivanti, the company behind Pulse Secure VPN appliances, has released a security patch to remediate a critical security vulnerability that was found being actively exploited in the wild by at least two different threat actors. Tracked as CVE-2021-22893 (CVSS score 10), the flaw concerns "multiple use after free" issues in Pulse Connect Secure that could allow a […]
  • A Rust-based Buer Malware Variant Has Been Spotted in the Wild May 4, 2021
    Cybersecurity researchers on Monday disclosed a new malspam campaign distributing a fresh variant of a malware loader called "Buer" written in Rust, illustrating how adversaries are constantly honing their malware toolsets to evade analysis. Dubbed "RustyBuer," the malware is propagated via emails masquerading as shipping notices from DHL Support, and is said to have affected […]
  • Over 40 Apps With More Than 100 Million Installs Found Leaking AWS Keys May 3, 2021
    Most mobile app users tend to blindly trust that the apps they download from app stores are safe and secure. But that isn't always the case. To demonstrate the pitfalls and identify vulnerabilities on a large scale, cybersecurity and machine intelligence company CloudSEK recently provided a platform called BeVigil where individuals can search and check app security […]